Why we support Greg Hart

for DuPage County Chair


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Key platforms that make Greg Hart the smart choice for DuPage County Chair:


Greg Hart recognizes that the high property taxes in DuPage County are a burden for many families and seniors. Unfortunately, those taxes continue to rise. His plan to keep a flat tax and a tight, sensible rein on spending would be welcome by taxpayers.

Hart also embraces a pro-business, pro-jobs philosophy that recognizes that a growing local “destination economy” translates directly to the quality of lives in our communities. Unlike those who claim to love jobs while attacking those who create them, Greg Hart embraces core strategies involving infrastructure improvements and removing obstacles to job creation.


Contrary to other candidates who promote the philosophy that government knows better than parents what their children need, Greg Hart embraces the view that education is a partnership between the schools, parents and their children. His plan would encourage smarter, more-targeted funding for DuPage County schools that would increase resources without burdensome tax increases while putting student development at the forefront.

Hart’s ideas are smart, and a provide a perfect blend of practicality and ambition.


In many ways, Greg Hart is the polar opposite of elected officials we’ve witnessed in the past decade in Springfield and Chicago. He has steadfastly refused to accept a government pension and other pricey benefits while maintaining a strong distain for the crony-centric political atmosphere foisted about Illinois voters.

While those platitudes are easy to promise, Greg Hart has backed up his word through his actions on the DuPage County Board, where his sharp rebuffs concerning questionable spending have earned him a reputaton as a taxpayer watchdog.

The Economic Freedom Alliance strongly urges you to vote for GREG HART for DuPage County Chair!

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